About iboson Tech

iboson technology was founded by a group of experts with over ten years of experience in the optoelectronics industry. The research and development team possesses specialized knowledge in optics, ergonomics, mechanics, software, and more.

Over the years of product development and resource establishment, iboson technology deeply recognized the importance of robust measurement methods in the development process. However, most of the optoelectronics measurement companies in Taiwan primarily focus on equipment representation, lacking comprehensive understanding of product development and measurement integration. Additionally, commercial standard instruments often fail to fully meet customer needs. Therefore, iboson technology aims to provide customized measurement systems and professional technical consultations to effectively solve customers' problems.

Becoming a design house for measurement systems is the ultimate goal of iboson technology. To achieve this, we actively collaborate closely with major display manufacturers and research centers. The objective is to enhance domestic measurement autonomy and accelerate customers' product development schedules, especially for emerging display technologies such as 3D, OLED, and flexible displays, which demand an in-depth understanding of display technology.

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