Image Quality Analysis
VID Measurement

Product Features:
  • High efficiency, fully automated VID value measurement within one minute.
  • High precision, distance error within ±1%.

Optical quality analysis capabilities:
  • Compliant with international HUD standards SAEJ1757-2.
  • Field of View (FOV)
  • Ghosting
  • Distortion
  • Integration with Robot for Eyebox measurement
  • Customizable for developing detection parameters.

VID (Virtual Image Distance) is a crucial parameter in designing AR HUDs, representing the distance from the human eye to the virtual image. iboson Technology has developed a dedicated instrument for measuring the virtual image distance in head-up displays, utilizing automatic focusing to search for clear imaging of the MTF and accurately determine the virtual image distance.

To ensure the product's VID characteristics align with the design, precise VID measurement is essential and significant. This luminance rangefinder consists of two software components: 'Image' and 'VID'. The 'VID' module is responsible for measuring the virtual image distance. The 'Image' module handles related image quality measurements, covering parameters such as Field of View (FOV), Brightness, Uniformity, Eyebox, 9 Points Distortion, Contrast, MTF, Ghosting, and Others (Smile, Trapezoid), totaling seven aspects.