LMK Imaging Photometer / Colorimeter


Integrating high-quality digital cameras into the LMK system allows easy and fast recording of luminance images. All functions of the evaluation software LMK LabSoft are available to evaluate the image data, including additional functions for importing the .RAW images.
The LMK mobile R is very well suited for fast and easy evaluation of luminance in outdoor areas, on streets, and public places in urban environments, as well as for fast and easy determination of illuminance on facades and other vertical surfaces.
The evaluation of luminance distribution on illuminated surfaces such as airport aprons and other horizontal surfaces is also possible with the LMK mobile R.
Another application is the evaluation of luminances and their distribution indoors.
In addition, the determination of perceptible contrasts helps assess the quality of existing conditions for any visual task.



Cannot be used for measuring colored light sources (i.e. LED)
Limited use for measuring modulated light sources with strong modulation

Technical Data  
Sensor 6249 (H) × 4160 (V) Resolution of the image receiver
3132 (H) × 2090 (V) Resolution of the luminance image
14 bit CR3 image files with RGB layer structure, uncompressed
Dynamic range Single picture measurement (SinglePic)
[ 1:4000 ]
High Dynamic measurement (AEB)
[ 1:30 000 (1/1000 sec. < ti < 8 sec.) ]
Data interface USB 3.0/Wi-Fi and/or SD/SDHC memory card
Focal length/field angle
  • 35 mm: 57°(H) x 38°(V)
  • 24 – 70 mm (Zoom): 84° – 34° (diagonal)
  • 7.5 mm (Fisheye): 180° (H) x 140° (V)
Settings Adjustment of aperture, exposure time, and ISO
Metrological specification  
Spectral matching Numerical transformation of R, G, and B sensor data
Calibration uncertainty ∆L [2.5%]
Uniformity ∆L [5.1%]
Focus uncertainty
∆L [2.5%]
Repeatability ∆L [< 1.3%]

Result data

  • Luminance distributions in measuring images L(x,y)
  • Statistical data for being used in calculation programs (z.B. EXCEL®, MatLAB®, LabVIEW®)