In numerous lighting applications, luminous intensity (I in cd), illuminance (E in lx), or color coordinates in various color spaces (xy, uv, WST, and many more) are of interest.

Compared to sequential scanning goniophotometry, measurements of complete luminous intensity distributions or derived measured quantities, such as illuminance or luminous flux, are possible within a few seconds with an LMK (our Imaging Luminance Measuring Device, or ILMD). This makes this technique more than 100 times faster. Due to the enormous speed advantage, highly precise measurements of light distributions are not limited to research and development laboratories but are also possible during production or even for EOL testing. 

This technique illuminates a geometrically and photometrically precisely measured reflective screen. The LMK then captures the reflected luminance of this screen. The size of a single image is adapted according to the customer's requirements and depends on the customer's specifications (e.g., the required resolution) and the available measuring space. Geometric resolutions of 0.005°, as needed in the development of modern headlamps, or aperture angles up to ±85° for, e.g., the evaluation of luminaires from general lighting, are possible here. 

We offer several products for measuring LID indirectly via a photometry screen: