The LMK camera is always delivered as a product bundle with suitable software for evaluating luminances and color values. 

When selecting the software, TechnoTeam provides two product lines. The software product lines differ mainly in the user interface and the degree of automation for camera control and measurement data evaluation. The LMK LabSoft and its additional packages are available for user-related and user-oriented tasks. The LMK LabSoft has a graphical user interface in which all functions are available. The LightChecker, with its application-specific derivations, is the product line for highly automated processes. Its user interfaces are only used for teach-in of processes. The actual measurement process and data evaluation are automated without user interaction. 

TechnoTeam covers a wide range of tasks in the field of light and color measurement in research, science, and industry with these products. The task areas in which our products are already an established solution are automotiveaviationlamps and luminairesilluminated infrastructure, and light in architecture