Street/Tunnel Light
Brightness Measurement

LMK video luminance meter can measure the optical characteristics of public areas, highways or any artificial lighting facilities with the help of image analysis luminance testing technology, and the generated data can be used as a reference for maintenance and repair. And because the LMK luminance meter can perform the action luminance test in the moving car, there is no need to close the road and tunnel when performing maintenance tests on the lighting conditions of the road or tunnel.

The obtained luminance distribution images can be analyzed and processed in the office, and corresponding test reports can be issued according to the test points and calculation methods required by relevant test specifications (such as tunnel standard L20 and road standard DIN EN 13201), and complex glare can also be performed Measure.

LMK EN13201

The LMK LabSoft add-on LMK EN13201 street analysis offers the possibility to measure street luminance and derive data for calculating the TI value as a key figure for the level of disability glare in a simple procedure.
You can collect all parameters necessary for an EN13201 compliant analysis with a single luminance image acquisition. The software then processes the measured luminance values to provide the desired results.
This add-on can also be used to measure the parameters for roadway lighting in tunnels. Here, the software follows the specifications of several national guidelines (RABT, RVS 09.02.41, IES LM-71-14) for the uniformity evaluation of roadway luminance of tunnel sections. Furthermore, this add-on can also be used to evaluate the illumination of the entrance section in the portal area according to the L20 method (CIE Publ. 88).

The LMK EN13201 software add-on can be used with these LMK models.


Image resolved luminance photo camera for field measurements


Image resolved luminance measuring camera


Image resolved luminance and color measuring camera