RIGO801 Near-field Optics - Light Ray Chromatic Luminance Distribution RAY FILE Measurement System

測角光譜儀 ADD-ON

Add-on for goniospectrometric measurements according to IES LM-79 / CIE S 025.
Particularly in the context of LED/SSL products, spectral measurements has become a standard measuring task. The standards IES LM-79-19 and EN 13032-4 / CIE S 025 include goniospectrometric measuring methods that provide the same (integral) colorimetric characteristics (color coordinates, CRI, IES TM30-15, ...) as privoded by integrating spheres. The spectral distributions are measured around the light source and calculated to the integral result.
All RiGO801 goniophotometer models can be expanded by a spectroradiometermeter to enable goniospectroradiometer measuring capability. We support the spectroradiometer type JETI specbos 1211 equipped with a spectral irradiance measuring head.


Features of the goniospectrometer add-on

  • automatic measurement of spectra on an easily configurable position list
  • calculation of colorimetric values according to IES LM-79-19 and CIE S 025 / EN13032-4
  • x, y, u', v', CCT, CRI, Ra, IES TM-30
  • visualization
  • output of all measured and calculated values as *.CSV file (e.g. for evaluation in Excel)
  • export in different file formats (.txt, .spectrum, ...)