RIGO801 Near-field Optics - Light Ray Chromatic Luminance Distribution RAY FILE Measurement System

Goniophotometer RIGO801 Micro-LED

High resolution ray files of Micro LEDs and conventional LEDs.



The RiGO801 – Micro-LED goniopotometer was specially developed for measuring high-resolution ray data from very small LEDs. For high-precision measurement of light sources < 0.1 mm, an image resolution and position accuracy in the small single-digit µm range is required.

The RiGO801 – Micro-LED Goniophotometer has an image resolution of 1.2 µm / pixel and a position accuracy of the ray data of < 3 µm. This allows for the measurement of micro LEDs with very high quality starting from a size of approximately 30 µm.

Basic technical data  
Size of the device under test ≤ 100 mm (diameter)
Angular range +/- 100 deg
Space requirements / weight LxWxH = approx. 600 x 900 x 900 mm³, weight approx. 50 kg
Measuring position / movement DUT upright, rotated in two directions
Resolution 1.2 µm
Measuring camera LMK 6-12 color
Position accuracy of the ray data < 0.003 mm
Ray file simulation

Examples of high resolution ray file simulation results

Sequence of views

Ray file simulated sequence of views