RIGO801 Near-field Optics - Light Ray Chromatic Luminance Distribution RAY FILE Measurement System

Goniophotometer RIGO801-L

LM79 / CIE S 025 conform LID measurements of luminaires up to 2200 mm.



The goniophotometers of the RiGO801 – L series measure light sources and luminaires with a diameter of up to 2200 mm. The DUT is not moved (Type – C compliant, IES LM-79-19). Since no large measuring distance is required (near - field measuring principle), small laboratory rooms are sufficient.

The device models RiGO801 – L are available in the standard sizes (diameter of measuring volume) 1400 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm and 2200 mm. The selection of the device depends essentially on the product range to be measured and the size of the available laboratory space.

The luminous intensity distribution, the luminous flux and, for light sources larger than 100 mm, also ray data are available as measurement results. Spectral and colorimetric data can be measured with a spectroradiometer (option). The evaluation of luminance and color images with the LMK Labsoft software enables measurements for glare assessments, for example.

For detailed information, please refer to the documents in the download area.

Indoor luminaires

SSL measurements according to IES LM-79-19 and CIE S 025

Escape sign luminaire

Evaluation of uniformity, contrast and color

Street Light Measurements

Support of various devices

Power analyzers, power supplies, data acquisition