RIGO801 Near-field Optics - Light Ray Chromatic Luminance Distribution RAY FILE Measurement System

Goniophotometer RIGO801–LED

Goniophotometer for measuring Ray Data of LEDs and other small light sources.


This compact goniophotometer has been specially designed for the precise measurement of Ray Data from small light sources such as LEDs, OLEDs and modules. The positional accuracy of the rays is 0.01 mm, so that even very small LEDs can be measured with high quality.

As with all RiGO801 goniophotometers, the luminous intensity distribution, Ray File, and the luminous flux are also measured here. Spectral multi-channel measurements are supported with the filter wheel version (option) of our measuring cameras. Goniospectrometric measurements are carried out with a spectroradiometer (option).

The ray data are stored in the TechnoTeam file format TTR. For the conversion into all common ray data file formats we provide the free software Converter801.

Basic technical data  
Size of the device under test ≤ 200 mm (diameter)
Space requirements LxWxH = approx. 700 x 700 x 1000 mm³
Movement The sensors are moved on a circular path around the measuring object (horizontal axis, theta). The DUT is rotated in an upright position on a vertical rotation axis (phi)
Measuring position Upright and vertically rotating
Measuring camera LMK 6-5 / LMK 6-5 color
Position accuracy of the ray data < 0.01 mm
Luminous intensity distribution

High angular resolution, fast measurement

Ray file measurement

High precision and angular resolution, fast

Goniospectrometric measurements

Spectral data, color coordinates, CRI, IES TM30-15

LED alignment

Coordinate system of the measured ray file

Test socket

Universal, easy mountable, exchangeable

Side view

Compact tabletop device