RIGO801 Near-field Optics - Light Ray Chromatic Luminance Distribution RAY FILE Measurement System

Goniophotometer RIGO801–600

Ray data of small light sources and IES LM-79 / CIE S 025 conform LID measurements of luminaires up to 600 mm.


This free-standing goniophotometer can measure accurate ray data from small light sources as well as the luminous intensity distribution of luminaires up to 600 mm. The DUT is not moved (Type – C compliant, IES LM-79-19).
Basic technical parameters  
Size of the device under test ≤ 550 mm (diameter of the light-emitting surface)
≤ 600 mm (outside diameter)
Space requirements LxWxH = approx. 2000 x 1600 x 2200 mm³
Measuring position stationary, burning position hanging, conform IES LM-79-19 Type C
Positioning accuracy of the ray data < 0.1 mm