LMK Display Metrology Software & ADD-ONS


Add-on for low-frequency uniformity measurements.
Display uniformity is an essential quality criterion for modern displays. Errors in production can lead to low-frequency non-uniformity and hotspots for all kinds of technologies. The BlackMURA standard is a measurement and evaluation procedure to quantify this loss of quality in a reproducible way. The standard, used mainly in automotive displays, was developed by the German Automotive OEM Group and the German Flat Panel Forum (DFF), which we have been members of for many years.
After a three-step alignment procedure, the measurement itself is very straightforward and consists of three steps:
Measurement and evaluation of the white display uniformity
Measurement and evaluation of the black display uniformity
Evaluation of the black gradient based on the previously captured images
All TechnoTeam LMK cameras have been acknowledged as industry standards and thus meet the standard requirements such as spectral mismatch and uniformity flat field, which are essential for measuring BlackMURA.


This add-on is part of the display package add-on. It can be ordered separately or in combination with the other display add-ons.

Our live-view mode helps you to see changes in the alignment right away

Our LMK BlackMURA add-on is a field-proven solution for making BlackMURA-compliant measurements since the first release of the standard. The standard's complex alignment procedure is easy and comfortable using our camera's live view mode. With this add-on, you measure and evaluate according to the standard, and you can perform sensible adjustments where required. Examples are the gray value adjustment (e.g., for the DeepgrayMURA evaluation of OLED displays) or parameter modifications to account for different versions of the standard. In addition, our software allows for a vantage point uniformity evaluation based on a projective rectification. In contrast to the standard BlackMURA procedure, the spatial uniformity and viewing angle effects seen by an observer from a specific vantage point are considered in the evaluation. Via our SDK, each aspect of the procedure, including the alignment procedure — can be automatized. This is for instance done by our LMK Position robot, which allows performing all BlackMURA-related alignment tasks without the need for manual adjustments.

TechnoTeam has also created the first implementation of short-distance uniformity correction, which allows BlackMURA-like evaluations to be measured at no large distance from the display, which can save a lot of space in production.
This concept also greatly improves the results of image stitching techniques. It thus allows high-precision BlackMURA-like uniformity evaluations of, e.g., very long displays (e.g. pillar-to-pillar), either by using two cameras simultaneously or by laterally moving the camera.