LMK Imaging Photometer / Colorimeter


With the L³ standard, TechnoTeam offers stable colored standards for luminance, luminous flux, and luminous intensity based on LEDs.
The stability of the photometric quantities is achieved by temperature control with a Peltier device and an intensity control containing a spectrally matched photodiode. In the closed housing, which has an end cover, a pre-aged and selected HighPower-LED is used for each L³ standard operated at about 2/3 of its rated current.
  • high stability of the luminance (< 1%/100 h)
  • high stability of the dominant wavelength/color (< 1 nm/100 h)
  • stable function independent of the room temperature (15°C to 30°C)
  • homogeneous luminance across the exit aperture (< 2% inhomogeneity)
  • standard equipment in (red, green, blue, yellow, orange, white)
  • USB interface for reading the current operation status (serial number, working hours, temperature, etc.)

Besides the standard colors, other colors can be supplied upon request. In this case, you select the type of LED in cooperation with TechnoTeam.
For each L³ standard TechnoTeam provides a certificate for factory calibration. For the traceability of the photometric data of the LED luminance standards, it is possible to calibrate the devices at a national metrology institute (e.g. PTB (GER) or METAS (CH)).