LMK Display Metrology Software & ADD-ONS


Add-on package for sticking image measurements.
Static image content is typical for specific display applications, such as in the public sector at airports and train stations (traveling information), touch screens (app symbols), or even video gaming in consumer or smartphone displays. A ghost image of the previously static content may remain temporally or permanently visible if the image is updated. This phenomenon is called image sticking, residual image, latent image, image retention, or burn-in.
All LMKs and standard lenses can (usually) be used to measure an image sticking measurement series. Such a series consists of a warm-up, a burn-in and a relaxation phase with different test patterns. One very important aspect is the correct timing between the luminance measurement and the start of the relaxation phase (the change of the test pattern). The patent-protected image-content based trigger for image sticking measurements of our LMK6 models, easily ensures that you always measure at the right time. It thus eliminates the need of complex trigger-setups or input lag measurements. The content-based trigger can be adapted easily to different DUTs, grey levels or customized burn-in and relaxation patterns.


This add-on is part of the display package add-on. It can be ordered separately or in combination with the other display add-ons.

Three-level burn-in pattern for color sticking image measurement with our image-content trigger setup

In addition our LMK Sticking image add-on can be used to analyze the display burn-in behavior according to two different evaluation procedures. The Three-level and the Two-level approach each have a unique set of display size dependent test patterns and evaluation concepts:

Burn-in pattern and relaxation images of a three-level measurement series

  • Three-level approach by Dr. Lauer
  • Can be extended to color sticking image
  • Method adapted by the German Flat Panel Forum (DFF)
  • Local or temporal non-uniformity correction possible

Burn-in pattern and relaxation images of a two-level measurement series

  • Two-level approach by Dr. Bauer
  • Including automatic pattern rolling for warm-up
  • Classical checkerboard burn-in pattern
  • High precision temporal-based non-uniformity correction

In addition, our software offers alternative patterns as grey wedges. These patterns can be used to test for the worst grey level combination of the burn-in and relaxation phase in an efficient and effective way. This was also adapted as a suggested experiment in the DFF image sticking specification.