LMK Display Metrology Software & ADD-ONS


Add-on for viewing angle luminance and contrast measurements.
Important display performance criteria such as luminance, color or contrast may or have to vary over the viewing angle. An LMK equipped with a conoscopic lens (also called hypercentric lens or fourier lens) can measure the viewing angle characteristics within one shot from a small surface area. The conoscopic lens can also be used for viewing angle measurements of other light sources and – thanks to its external entrance pupil - the characterization of Near-to-Eye displays (NED) with virtual images.
The LMK Conoscope is a software add-on designed for using the LMK with our conoscopic lenses. The add-on ensures that the geometrical information of the specific conoscopic lens is used to map the angular coordinate system in the camera images.



The LMK Conoscopic Contrast Measurement is a free add-on and shipped together with the conoscopic lens.

  • A point-by-point evaluation of viewing angle characteristics within the polar coordinate system ϑ and φ of the device under test (in degree)
  • A point-by-point evaluation of viewing angle characteristics in the horizontal and the vertical viewing angles ϑH and ϑV of the device under test (in degree)
  • Automatic generation of the angular OEM regions A+, A and B in both coordinate systems for the evaluation of automotive displays according to the OEM specification.
  • Generation of arbitrary evaluation regions and storage for later use

Color over angle measurement of a LCD in dark state: Photograghic image (left) and measurement result (right).