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Admesy Hyperion - High-Speed, High-Precision Online-Test Colorimetry (for Display and Light Source Measurement)

The Hyperion series offers a chromatic measurement device that combines high speed and accuracy, revolutionizing the traditional coating characterization. Customers can now swiftly acquire precise chromatic data without the need for calibration. The device covers a broad spectrum range of the tested samples.
Equipped with an exceptionally sensitive detector, the Hyperion series boasts minimal electronic noise and an extended dynamic range. It maintains stable performance even under extremely low luminosity conditions, making it an optimal instrument for measurements in the display field.
The standard Hyperion series chromatic spectrophotometers are equipped with 10mm or 20mm lenses. Additionally, fiber optic interface options are available to cater to customers' specific requirements.

Hyperion colorimeters are the perfect choice when measurement speed and low luminance performance are paramount, for example when measuring OLED displays. Hyperion is available in several versions.

Fast, accurate and reliable


Basic parameters

Detector 3 silicon photodiodes with XYZ interference filter Weight 670 g
Spectral response Close to the CIE1931 chromaticity matching curve Installation 12 M3 screws fixed all around
Measurement parameters XYZ, Yxy, Yuv, CCT (Calibrated Color Temperature), DWL (Dominant Wavelength), Flicker, Response Time Interface USB2.0,  RS232
Size 53×70×147mm (excluding lens system). Power supply USB 和 9V

Measurement parameters (10mm lens size)

Measurement system
Optical system Receiving angle 5° (±2.5°).
Measure the spot size 14.4mm@50mm working distance; 18.7mm@100mm working distance
Flicker measures speed (sampling mode). Flicker measurement 2000 times/second, XYZ2000 times/second; Detection down to 1Hz
Color measurement speed 22ms or higher; 16ms@150cd/m2
Sample mode signal frequency response
Parameter F3dba
Gain 1 DC-500   HZ
Gain 2 DC-500   HZ
Gain 3 DC-500   HZ
Colorimeter Standards
Parameter range Accuracy Repeatability
Resolution 16 bit   for X,Y,Z > 80 dB  
Brightness 0.003cd/m2-12, 0±2% measurement, white screen, brightness 150 cd/m², x=0.300 y= 0.32500cd/m2;  Integration time between 0.5ms – 1 s   Y:±0.3% for Y at 0.1cd/m2
Y:±0.1.5% for Y at 1cd/m2
Y:±0.1% for Y at 5cd/m2
Y:±0.1% for Y at 150cd/m2
Chroma x,y   ± 0.001, white screen, @150cd/m², x=0.300 y= 0.325 x,y:±0.00075 for Y at 0.1cd/m2
x,y:±0.0003 for Y at 1cd/m2
x,y:±0.0003 for Y at 5cd/m2
x,y:±0.0002 for Y at 150cd/m2
Measure speed     4-10 times/sec (0.1cd/m2).
10-20 times/sec (1cd/m2).
40 times/sec (5cd/m2).
40 times/sec (150cd/m2);
Flicker (contrast method) 5cd/m2 or higher brightness ±0.3% ±0.2%
Flicker (JEITA method) 5cd/m2 or higher brightness ±0.3dB ±0.2dB
Operating temperature 10-35℃    
Shutter life Above 1 million times    
Shutter speed 250ms~300ms