Flexible Display Electronics Reliability

Flexible Display Bending Test System

Fully simulating real product folding scenarios, conducting angle-specific tests with a fixed curvature radius during the bending process.
Designed in accordance with the spirit of IEC 62715-6-1.
For various curvature radius requirements, the curvature radius can be freely set without the need for a metal rod control, avoiding the application of stress.
Patented fixture clamping design prevents the generation of tensile stress.
Expandable electrical measurement capabilities, such as customized designs like probe holders.
Expandable optical measurement capabilities, including brightness, chromaticity, and uniformity


Through government-sponsored A+ Enterprise Innovative R&D Subsidy, iboson Technology has developed an industry-leading comprehensive mechanical reliability testing system that integrates internal and external folding tests of flexible displays, optical attenuation detection, touch detection, and delamination detection. This addresses the issues of traditional bending test machines requiring periodic confirmation by personnel.

The development encompasses tension-free electrical testing and folding area pixel-level image detection, integrating proprietary technology to provide accurate image and electrical measurement results. These results contribute to chip system feedback for algorithm design optimization.