Measurement Solution

Camera Features:
Capable of measuring wavelengths 850nm & 940nm. CCD:
Resolution of 1280*960 or higher.
Measurement Items: Field of View (FOV) & Uniformity.
Uniformity Measurement: Presented in false color images, providing statistics for maximum, minimum, average, central value, uniformity, standard deviation, and marking data points. Crosshair Profile Intensity Distribution, calculating Full Width at Half Maximum (FHWM) and 1/e^2 angle along the crosshair.
Bright Area Auto-Capture Feature:
Automatically determines the illuminated area, frames the correct illuminated range, and excludes surrounding black areas. Central area is generated.
Auto-rotation feature that aligns tilted samples.
Zone Dividers: Configurable as MN. Settable grid dimensions, grid display, and display of area average calculation.
3D Intensity Distribution Presentation.
Configurable intensity slicing for different FOVs. Can set partition numbers as N
M with intensity average calculated for each zone.