3D Morphology

VR Lens Profiler

The VR Lens 3D Curvature Measurement Device is a specialized equipment designed for measuring the curvature of lenses in virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays. Unlike traditional 2D curvature measurements, the 3D curvature measurement device can gather data about the lens curvature in all directions, providing a more comprehensive representation of the lens's three-dimensional shape.
Utilizing advanced optical technology and computer vision algorithms, it acquires the lens's geometric information in a non-contact manner. It can accurately measure parameters such as curvature radius, sphericity, and non-sphericity of the lens with high precision.


The working principle of a VR Lens 3D Curvature Measurement Device is typically as follows:

  1. Lens Placement: The lens to be tested is placed at the measurement position of the device.
  2. Optical Projection: The device utilizes optical projection techniques to project specific light rays or patterns onto the surface of the lens.
  3. Data Acquisition: The device records and captures information about the light rays reflected or scattered from the surface of the lens.
  4. Calculation and Analysis: Through computer vision algorithms and mathematical calculations, the acquired data is transformed into geometric parameters representing the lens curvature.
  5. Result Display: Measurement results can be displayed on the device screen or exported as digital data for further analysis and processing.

The VR Lens 3D Curvature Measurement Device is highly useful in the manufacturing and quality control processes of VR head-mounted displays. It ensures the accuracy and performance of lenses meet design requirements, thereby providing a superior visual experience.