TOPCON Spectroradiometer SR-LEDW

■ High sensitivity and wide dynamic range. (0.0005 – 5,000,000cd/m²)
■ FIX mode allows to shorten measurement time in continuous measurement mode.
(Conventional ratio 1/2)
■ LED chip can be measured with ease by improving uniformity of the sensitivity.
■ Capability of illuminance measurement by using the adapter. (Option)


This product is a new top-end model in Topcon Spectroradiometer, which has capability of measuring wide dynamic range from ultra-low luminance of 0.0005cd/m² to ultra-high of 5,000,000cd/m².
Addition to the new FIX mode, the SR-LEDW calculates optimum measuring setting automatically and reduces the measuring time in continuous measurement of the same object.
This product can be used with high speed and high accuracy not only in the Design/Development department but also in quality control in production line of LED module.

Principal use

■ Luminance, Chromaticity, Color rendering index and Color temperature for LED Back light, LED lighting.
■ Luminance and Chromaticity of TV, PC, Tablet, Smart phone display.
■ Luminance and Chromaticity of head light and interior panel of automobile.
■ Used as optical characteristic evaluation sensor for system equipment.


Photo detector Electronically cooled linear CCD
Dispersion element Diffraction grating
Optical system Object lens : f= 82mm F2.5, Eyepiece lens : 5° view field
Measuring angle 2°/1°/0.2°/0.1° Selectable (Electric motor moved)
Measuring distance 350mm – ∞ (Distance from metallic tip of objective lens)
Spectral bandwidth 5 – 8nm *Half bandwidth
Spectral accuracy ±0.3nm *Hg emission lamp
Wavelength range 380 – 780nm
Wavelength resolution 1nm
Measurement mode Auto/Manual(Integral time/Frequency)
External vertical sync signal input
Measurement object Spectral radiance : W・sr-1・m-2・nm-1
Measuring function Radiance Le : W・sr-1・m-2, Luminance Lv : cd・m-2,
CIE1931 chromaticity coordinates xy,
CIE1976 chromaticity coordinates u’ v’, Tristimulus value XYZ,
Correlated color temperature and Deviation,
CIE standard observer 2°/ 10°
Measuring luminance range



 2°:0.0005 – 1,500,000 cd/m2
1°:0.0015 – 4,500,000 cd/m2
0.2°:0.0375 – 5,000,000 cd/m2
0.1°: 0.15 – 2,000,000 cd/m2
Accuracy : luminance(*1) ±2% or less
Accuracy : chromaticity(*1) ±0.002
Repeat accuracy : luminance(*3) 1.5% : 0.0005 – 0.005 cd/m²
0.4% : 0.005 – 0.1 cd/m²
0.3% : 0.1 cd/m² or more
Repeat accuracy : chromaticity(*4) 0.005 : 0.0005 – 0.005 cd/m²
0.0015 : 0.005 – 0.1 cd/m²
0.0005 : 0.1 cd/m² or more
Polarization characteristics Luminance 1% or less
Spectral radiance 2% or less (400 – 780nm)
Measurement time(*5) NORMAL Mode  : Approx. 1 – 248sec
HIGH SPEED Mode: Approx. 1 – 17sec
Interface USB2.0 / RS-232C selectable
Power supply Dedicated AC adapter AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz, DC12V36W
Power consumption Approx. 36W
Operating conditions Temperature: 5 – 30℃, Humidity: 80%RH or less
(No condensation)
External dimensions (W×D×H) 150×406×239mm
Weight Approx. 5.5kg
*1 For standard illuminance A.
*2 Measurable range in Normal and High speed mode.
*3 2σ from 10 times continuous measurement at measuring angle 2° in normal speed mode.
*4 (Max – Min) value from 10 times continuous measurement at measuring angle 2°in normal mode.
*5 Except communication time with PC.