TOPCON 2D spectroradiometer SR-5100

2D spectroradiometer is high precise and accurate measurement by 1nm spectral technology with powerful data analysis software.
By Non-Destruction and Non-Contact, a spectroradiometer instrument that contributes to maintaining high quality of various products as it can evaluate the spectral characteristics of light sources or objects in units of 5 million pixels, 17 billion cd/m2 and 1 nm, such as wavelength characteristics of light sources, spectral transmittance characteristics of materials.
The 2D spectroradiometer SR-5100, analyzes the unique spectra of an object and can be used not only in the characteristics and luminescence products that could not be evaluated by the filter method imaging colorimeter or the human eye, but also in the reflective light and simulation evaluation of an object.
It can be used for a wide range of industries and applications, including micro/mini LED displays that are speeding up development, related materials, texture of materials, skincare, textile dyeing, landscape, etc.


■ High resolution 5 million pixels (2448×2048) and high luminance (17 billion cd/m2) spectral measurement
■ Non-destructive and non-contact, 5 million points of spectral evaluation of the characteristics of light sources and objects such as wavelength characteristics of light sources, spectral transmittance characteristics of materials, and spectral reflectance characteristics of objects can be performed with high accuracy.
■ Imaging spectroradiometer with the same performance as a spot type spectroradiometer.
■ Highly accurate brightness and chromaticity accuracy is guaranteed by calibration using a light source with traceability.
■ High-precision and high-speed convertible model that takes advantage of both of the measurement methods of spectral and XYZ filters.
■ Software included as standard.

Principal use

■ Luminance / chromaticity and spectral evaluation of LCDs, OLEDs, QDs, lasers, micro LEDs and related components
■ Emission distribution characteristics and spectral evaluation of automobile meter panels and interior / exterior lighting
■ Evaluation of luminance / chromaticity mura and spectral of the light emitting part of LED lighting and OLED lighting
■ Spectral evaluation of all objects in the landscape indoors and outdoors
■ Spectral evaluation of textile dyed fabrics
■ Skin care assessment of skin blemishes and pigmentation
■ Analysis of absorption, reflection and transmission characteristics
■ Measurement of film and glass coating mura and interference fringes
■ Analysis and quantification evaluation of slight differences in the staining status of pathological tissue (SR-5100HM + microscope)



Measurement mode Spectral Mode
Detector 5.0 mega pixel CMOS image sensor
Objective lens Standard lens : Focal length f=32mm
Standard lens with wide attachment lens : Focal length f=24mm (*1)
Telephoto lens : Focal length f=140mm
Macro lens
*Lens selection type
Effective pixel 2448×2048
Measurement range(*2) 0.5~17,000,000,000 cd/m2
Wavelength range 380~780nm
Spcetral accuracy(*4) ±0.5 nm (On the wavelength of Hg emission line)
Spectral band width (*5) 7 nm (Half width)
Wavelength resolution 1 nm
Linearity in luminance ±2% (*3,*6)
Chromaticity accuracy Standard lens with wide attachment lens・Macro
±0.0035 (*3,*6)
±0.0025 (*3,*6)
±0.005 (*6,*9)
±0.0035(≦1cd/m2) (*3,*6)
±0.0030(1cd/m2<) (*3,*6)
In-plane uniformity(*10) Luminance:±2%
Repeatability Standard lens with wide attachment lens・Macro
Luminance:0.6%(≦1cd/m2) (*3,*6,*7)
0.5%(1cd/m2<) (*3,*6,*7)
Chromaticity(x,y):0.003(≦1cd/m2) (*3,*6,*8)
0.002(1cd/m2<) (*3,*6,*8)
Luminance:0.8%(≦1cd/m2) (*3,*6,*7)
0.5%(1cd/m2<) (*3,*6,*7)
Chromaticity(x,y):0.004(≦1cd/m2) (*3,*6,*8)
0.003(1cd/m2<) (*3,*6,*8)
Interface USB3.0 / External trigger
Power supply AC100 – 240V(50/60Hz) Dedicated AC adapter (Standard accessory)
Power consumption Approx. 20W
Operating condition Temperature: 0 – 35℃
Humidity   : 80%R.H. or less(No condensation)
External dimensions Wide type   : W162×H247×D402.4 mm
Telephoto type: W162×H247×D412.5 mm
Macro type   : W162×H247×D330.5 mm
*(Protruding parts are not included)
Weight Wide type   : Approx. 6.3kg
Telephoto type: Approx. 8.2kg
Macro type   : Approx. 5.8kg

*1 Standard lens with wide attachment lens
*2 Standard illuminant A,
*3 Standard illuminant A,
*4 Hg, Hi precision mode
*5 FWHM, Hi precision mode
*6 At the center of sensor
*7 Within 2σ
*8 Max value – Min value
*9 Standard illuminant A + our standard colored glass filters.
*10 Center of the sensor, Standard illuminant A, within 80% of field of view