Response Time/Flicker

Vismotion-R Display Motion Blur Measuring System

A motion picture response time (MPRT) measurement system developed specifically for VR displays. It quantifies the most critical aspect of VR displays, motion blur, to improve driving methods, backlight timing control, response time, and other related issues.
The only solution in the industry capable of measuring MPRT under mobile system conditions.
Results can be retrieved for convenient analysis.
Through advanced software technology, smooth scrolling images are directly sent out from the graphics card.


  • iboson's Vismotion, a visual motion analysis system designed for measuring response times, motion blur, and other performance metrics in displays, light sources, and optical systems. This system employs high-speed imaging and advanced analytical algorithms to capture image variations, enabling the assessment of devices' rapid response and motion blur characteristics. Vismotion aims to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of visual system performance, offering valuable insights and data for optimizing product design and manufacturing processes.
  • Vismotion-R is dedicated to analyzing the performance of fixed devices like displays and light sources. It emphasizes rapid response and motion blur measurements, providing insights into the performance of fixed devices in high-speed scenarios.
  • Vismotion-R offers performance data for display devices and light sources under various conditions, aiding manufacturers and researchers in optimization and design.
  • Utilizing advanced software technology, the system measures the actual update speed of the panel's display, and offers optional measurement functions for tracking Android and Daydream modes.
  • Developed specifically for VR displays, the motion picture response time measurement system improves upon low-resolution solutions from other manufacturers. It addresses the inability to switch perspectives for different displays (mobile, VR, etc.), and employs the graphics card to send out test images, closely resembling real product scenarios.

Hardware Specifications
  • Camera Resolution: 2448X2048
  • Camera Field of View: 4.24x3.55 mm
  • Measurement Area Field of View (with interchangeable lens): 4~17.6mm
  • Minimum Measurable Pixel Size: 24 um
  • Supported Measurement Size: 2"~16” (with lens replacement)
  • Electrically Adjustable Working Height: 5~15cm
  • Motion Image Tracking Speed: 300mm/sec
Measurement Functions
  • Blur Variation Curve
  • Boundary Blur Width (BEW)
  • Boundary Blur Time (BET) table
  • Average Gray-to-Gray BET (MPRT)