V-T V.A./Contrast

VTscope is the industry's first and most comprehensive machine developed for optical testing of LCD Test Cells. It assists customers in measuring the characteristics required for high-contrast LCDs, such as contrast, V-T curve, and off-axis viewing V-T. Its features include the following:
  • Resolves the issue of poor contrast misjudgments due to manual attachment of polarizing films.
  • Closely emulates real LCD characteristics.
  • Able to measure VT curves at tilted viewing angles.
  • Utilizes special algorithms, achieving 10 times faster dark state searching speed for polarizing films compared to traditional methods.
  • Capable of measuring LCD and PI stress testing.
  • Able to measure contrast for polarizing films and color filter films.

Feature Introduction: VTscope offers a comprehensive optical characteristic analysis for Test Cells, encompassing the following functions:
  • Test Cell V-T measurement, no need for pre-attached polarizing film for measurement.
  • Special algorithms to expedite dark state search for polarizing film and angle precision.
  • Representation of the process in curves to confirm dark state search results.
  • Measurement results for angle V-T can be observed on-the-fly without needing to create a panel to verify viewing angle characteristics.
  • Direct software configuration of voltage waveform, frequency, and magnitude range.
  • Sample warming function to ensure measurement stability.
  • Able to drive Test Cell voltage, recording brightness changes over time.
  • Measurement of contrast characteristics for polarizing films and color filter films.