Integrating Sphere Uniform Light Source

Integrating Sphere Light Source Measurement System


System Components:
  • Integrating Sphere
  • Halogen Light Box connected to Fiber (Color Temperature 2700K)
  • Illuminance Monitoring System (to confirm light intensity)
  • Color Luminance Meter

Integrating Sphere Light Source

An integrating sphere light source is a light source with highly reflective properties and uniform illumination. It's a spherical reflective device coated internally with a highly reflective material. When a light source (such as an incandescent lamp, xenon lamp, or LED) is placed at the center of the integrating sphere, the light is evenly scattered and reflected, resulting in nearly uniform distribution of light inside the sphere, without any specific directionality. This is crucial for optical measurements as it ensures that the light source during measurement is uniform and doesn't introduce unnecessary directional effects.

Integrating Sphere Measurement

An integrating sphere measurement system is a set of equipment used for measuring optical characteristics. This system includes an integrating sphere light source along with a range of optical instruments such as spectrometers, radiometers, colorimeters, and more. During the measurement process, light emitted from the source is uniformly scattered and reflected within the integrating sphere, and then it is measured and analyzed by the optical instruments. These instruments are used to measure the light source's emission characteristics, such as spectral distribution, radiance, luminous flux, color characteristics, etc. Through an integrating sphere measurement system, accurate and repeatable optical characteristic data can be obtained, which is utilized for calibrating and evaluating the performance of optical equipment.