Response Time/Flicker

GRT-110 LCD Gray Scale Response Time Measurement System

This system directly transmits signals via DVI or HDMI, reducing the hassle of using a Pattern Generator. It features a rapid sampling frequency of 48KS/s, enabling swift measurement of response times between grayscale levels on LCDs.


GRT-110 LCD response time grayscale response time measurement system: 
  1. Software for automatic grayscale measurement, speeding up operational time and OD table measurement.
  2. Direct signal transmission via DVI or HDMI, automatically measuring TV or monitor screen response time.
  3. Complete recording of original waveforms and response time for each grayscale level.
  4. Reader software provided, independent waveform retrieval function without the need for measurement instruments.
  5. 3D display of grayscale response time, quickly identifying abnormal grayscales.
  6. Portable design for easy carrying, measurement not limited by location.
  7. Fast data acquisition, reducing measurement time. 32X32 data can be completed within 10 minutes.
  8. Diverse chart analysis functions for user-friendly data interpretation.
  9. Multiple filtering tools provided.

Already adopted by major IC design companies such as Morningstar and Realtek!

  • Automatic screen switching software, reducing personnel operation time.
  • Direct transmission of grayscale signals via DVI or HDMI to achieve automatic measurement of TV or monitor system response time.
  • Portable and lightweight design, measurement not limited by location.
  • Fast data acquisition time, effectively reducing G to G Response Time measurement duration.
  • Automatic calculation of Overshoot/Undershoot ratio, displayed in a statistical table (GRT-110).
  • Diverse display of charts, facilitating user data interpretation.
  • Standalone data retrieval function, enabling users to perform data analysis anytime, anywhere.
  • Different products, different brightness levels, suitable for panel applications with various levels of luminance.


• Sampling Frequency: 48KS/s
• Fastest Response Time: <0.05ms
• High-speed Photodetector Probe
• Signal Acquisition Unit
• Highly Flexible Probe Mount
• High-speed Signal Cables
• Instrument Storage Aluminum Case