Film Thickness and Surface Characteristics

Portable Contact Angle Meter PGX+

PGX+ contact angle meter utilizing a spectrometer to measure the reflected interference spectral signals from the sample, in order to obtain information about thin film thickness, refractive index, extinction coefficient, transmittance, reflectance, and chromaticity, among other material properties.
PGX Plus is the world's smallest droplet angle measurement instrument, improving upon the traditional droplet angle measurement which requires breaking samples for large-area products.
PGX+ allows non-destructive droplet angle measurement on samples directly in the production line.
PGX+ can capture up to 80 images per second, enabling rapid monitoring of changes.
PGX+ can be powered directly via USB, making it portable and convenient to use with laptops.


  • High-performance portable contact angle meter, suitable for various applications such as research and quality control.
  • With the portable PGX+ contact angle meter, there is no risk of damaging products as measurements can be taken by simply placing it on the object to be measured.
  • Since the evaluation can be fully automated and conducted according to international standards, the data remains consistent regardless of worker skill and can be shared across different sites.
  • High precision, suitable for research applications.
  • Just press the measurement button on the PC twice to fully automate liquid supply, droplet deposition, image acquisition, and result output.
  • Supports multi-language software (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, etc.).